Races and classes in the world

Classes in the world: (click the class-name for detailed information).

Priest: Priests, clerics, acolytes and such of the god of their choise and are often relied upon for guidance as they are seen as speakers for their god by the common man.
Spells cast by clerics are thought miracles granted by their god, but is easily mistaken for sorcery if used carelessly.
Rogue: Thieves, murderers, pickpockets, burglars, pirates, scouts, spies… well everything sneaky!
As with warriors, there is no special prejudice towards rogues as they are just common men with a uncommon amount of skill.
Though they may be judged by a reputation if they have one.
Warrior: Warriors are soldiers, men at arms, squires or ruffians skilled in combat
There is no special prejudice towards warriors.
Wizard: Mages are often faced by mistrust, rudeness, fear or even hostility.
There was a time when users of magic were hunted down openly during the purge.
Now the wizards of Mirin has an agreement with the king of Rtae to wich most of the other cities swear their allegience… and use of more powerful spells are restricted to wizards with a licence… and wizards have even been know to be hired for magical work in bigger cities and towns… such as magical streetlights, wards or magical protection, magical transports and such things.
Though the profession is nowdays much more tolerated, it is still frowned upon and there are still some who firmly believe that magic users gain their power from infernal pacts, rituals with human sacrifice and such.
The school of necromancy is often shunned even by most wizards and even though it is allowed to be studied, the wizard council of Mirin does not approve of its use.

Races of the world: (click the race-name for detailed information).

Elf : Elfs live for hundreds of years,tend to be graceful and though physically frail, naturally good at magic.
Dwarf Dwarves are short, sturdy bearded with a temper and attitude to match. Natural smiths, warriors and miners.
Gnome Slightly shorter than dwarves, more slender but often with unportotionally large heads. Often fanatic inventors and/or cunning tricksters of michevious nature.
Half-elf The offspring of the forbidden love, or maybe result of rape, they carry traits from both elven and human nature, but are often seen as outcasts by both human and elves. Some even consider their existance a cruel joke from the heavens… and the half-elves themselves a cursed race.
Halfling Short humanlike creatures, halflings look much like human children. Naturally resistant to fear, quick and nimblefingered these small people are naturally gifted as thieves though they tend so be slightly weaker than other races because of their small bodies.
Human Humans come in all kinds and shapes. They have as much change to excel in any profession and field of work.

Races and classes in the world

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