Nirmas is a rather calm and peaceful town.
The townsfolk being accustomed to travelers of all kinds passing through makes most tolerant to what is considered odd and unusual and most are welcome as long as they behave.
Also, being soo close to the magical city of Mirin that they can actually see in in the distance on a cloudless day, they have learned to be tolerant of the wierd, but that does not mean they always like it.
Though the town is always open to travelers, the town has a pallisade surrounding it to keep wild animals and the gates are always open during the day, and closes at sunset.
The only buildings located outside of town are a few farms who need more space.

Places of interest:

Fargrim farm
Godrags general goods
Ownils smithy
Temple of Bella
The Staggering bear inn
Werlons cabin

Outside of town:

Fort Mas Ruin

People of interest:

Father Burke


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