For character generation we will be using the core rules only (for now atleast), so you will only need the players hand book (dont have it? no worries → Click here ).
This is also a houseruled campaignworld, and will most likely not follow the core rules at most times. For generating ability scores we are using method V (roll 4d6 and drop the lowest dice six times and assign the results to the abilities of your choice).
You roll starting funds based on your class as normal and you get max HP at first level.
We will not be using the “Bard” and “Specialized cleric” classes and/or any multiclass/Dual class at the moment. Though a character cannot be a bard mechanically, (s)he may be a bard as fluff and all clerics serve a god of their choice.

There are also some special rules regarding leveling in some classes.
A special test/adventure/quest might be required of the character before leveling to higher levels.
Please read about each individual class to see any rules regarding these, here Classes..

The view the people of the world have on the characters will be affected by their race and class, please read about this here: Races and relations.

For nonweapon proficiences we will allow the characters to be proficient with things if you can explain how they are proficient with it.
To help with this you can “buy” a proficiency with the slots shown on page 106 in the players handbook.

William wants to attempt walking over the remains of an old broken rope bridge, all that remains is a single piece of rope tied firmly on the other side, luckely, he is procicient with rope walking.

_Later Olan the wizard wants to write a letter to his cousin, but he is not proficient with “scribing”, but he is wizard and he has been put through many long hours of scribbling notes when he studied magic, copying spells and incantations and reading books, so its logical that he would be able to write a simple letter.


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